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Sideline incident no big deal to Urlacher

Posted by Larry Mayer on September 20, 2012 – 3:15 pm

Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher said Thursday that he didn’t pay any attention to the media coverage of last week’s sideline incident between teammates Jay Cutler and J’Marcus Webb.

“Everyone was asking me about it, but I still haven’t seen what happened, and I really don’t care what happened,” Urlacher said. “Whatever happened, it’s over now. We’ve moved on. It doesn’t seem to be an issue. Someone told me there is a mutiny against Jay in our locker room. If there was, I didn’t know about it. I guess we’re supposed to be mad at him.

“Things happen on the sideline. That’s just the way it goes. People get mad. I have gotten in spats with coaches and players as well. It happens. It’s going to happen in the NFL. People get pissed off and sometimes we do things we shouldn’t. It happened.”

Urlacher said it was easy for the Bears to turn the page and move forward following the incident.

“It’s just like a fight in practice,” he told reporters. “It’s in practice. Who cares? You guys probably see us fight in training camp every year. So what? After the practice is over, you’re in the locker room and you’re buddies again. It’s not a big deal.

“You lose your emotions out there sometimes and you get mad, but when it’s over with, it’s over with. We spend a lot of time around each other, so we better get rid of it quick. It’s going to be a long season if we don’t.”

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